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Pearl of the Palace - Part 8


Serialisation of the exciting Qing China fantasy sequel to Dragon Sisters by Joyce Chng. Read chapters 16 and 17 today!

558 words 2 minute read

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Chapter Sixteen


Pu Gong Ying (Dandelion) Sings The Song

Chapter Seventeen

Three Hearts Beating

They reached the mountain ridges. Tai Shan soared into the heavens. Its peaks were still covered in thick fleecy white clouds.

Xiao Xiao growled. She could hear the beating of Xiao Xin's heart. She was alive!

The two dragons dove towards the mountains. It was later that people reported the miraculous sighting: two dragons in the sky! Tian long cavorting amongst the clouds. The sighting gave them hope. Many set up altar tables thanking the gods.

Let's save Xiao Xin! Xiao Xiao roared now.

Ming Zhu shone with her own light.

I hear her, I hear her!

Xiao Xin heard the susurrations of waves, as if she was standing beside the river during moon-viewing time. The waves whispered closer and closer.

She looked up to see two... dragons. Shining blue, green and crimson like the dragon pillars in the temples. They swirled in the sky...

They were coming closer and closer.

And somehow, Xiao Xin knew Xiao Xiao was one of the dragons.

"I am here!" she shouted.

The Nian clawed its way up the mountain face. Rocks cascaded down. It didn't care. It heard the roaring before it felt the lightning strike hit its side.

Dragons! Meddlesome dragons! Why would they care about the little girl? The Nian hated the dragons. Pious do-gooders who would chase creatures like it away.

It roared back a challenge.

Stay where you are, Xiao Xin! Xiao Xiao yelled. It came out in a thunderous boom. She could see her sister standing up precariously on the Nian's moving body.

Then the little princess toppled over.

The hearts of Ming Zhu and Xiao Xiao stopped. Shocked, they could only stare. The Nian growled a mocking laugh.

No, no, no!

Light shimmered around Xiao Xin's body, cocooning it. For a moment, she looked like a falling meteor.



The cocoon seemed to fracture, like a hatching egg. A little dragon, half the length and size of the dragons hovering close by, emerged, shaking her head.

Xiao Xiao laughed. So Xiao Xin was also a dragon too!

We are not phoenixes. We are dragons! She yelled in triumph.

The little dragon, still a little wobbly, flew unsteadily towards Ming Zhu and Xiao Xiao.

Welcome, little one! Ming Zhu sang.

We fight the big bad monster? Xiao Xin giggled.

We fight, Xiao Xiao said.

The Nian snarled, backed to a corner. The land shook with its rage.

The trio of dragons readied their strength.

With a defiant howl, the Nian disappeared into the dark caves.

Thank you for reading this part of Pearl of the Palace by Joyce Chng!

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