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What type of book file do I need?

Choosing the right ebook format for your reading device.

Ebooks come in two main types of file: ePub and Mobi.

If you buy your ebooks direct from the same company that made your reading device, such as Amazon, Apple, or Kobo, you never usually have to worry about which type of file you should download. They will usually automatically appear on your e-reader, mobile app, or tablet after you've bought them.

But if you want to buy ebooks from independent bookshops you'll need to know what format suits your device. Many independent shops will provide a selection of file types with every purchase, others will ask you to choose one particular format.

You'll usually have a choice between ePub or Mobi.

  • If you have a Kindle, choose Mobi format
    As well as its own Amazon-only format, the Kindle can also display Mobi books.
  • If you have any other reading device, choose ePub format
    Almost every e-reader and ebook app, other than Kindle, can display ePub books.