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Where can I buy ebooks?

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If you're looking to move away from the big ebookshops, for whatever reason, the best place to find fantastic ebooks is at independent shops.

Independent bookshops and publishers tend to move a bit faster than the big guys. And what they may miss in technical infrastructure behind the scenes, they more than make up for in the diversity of their catalogues, the uniqueness of their books, and their reasonable pricing.

Independent ebookshops are a great place to buy your ebooks. Even if you already own an e-reader from Amazon, Kobo or B&N, you can still buy ebooks from indie retailers and read them on your device.

You need to know a few things first, though! Which format of ebook to buy depends on your device.

What type of book file do I need?

Whether or not the ebook has DRM applied may affect your ability to read the book, or make it difficult to handle your ebook files.

What's DRM?

Fortunately, many publishers and authors choose to sell ebooks that are DRM-free. With DRM-free ebooks, no matter what device you use, you'll always be able to read the books you've bought.

Here's a list of online bookshops that sell DRM-free ebooks:

DRM-free Bookshops

And there's also...

Our very own new independent ebookshop that gives you a little bit more, Scarlet Ferret.

Libreture logo Scarlet Ferret's special edition ebooks push boundaries because they're truly independent.

They're a little more interesting than your average big hitter, and cover a range of genres - sometimes genre spanning - from sci-fi and fantasy, horror and steampunk, to historical fiction, crime and non-fiction.

Each ebook is DRM-free and comes with exciting digital extras, such as short stories, artwork, recipes, music, guides or maps!

Above all, discover books and authors you haven't met before.

Shop at Scarlet Ferret

What type of book file do I need?

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