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The Exclusive Dark Fantasy and SF Bundle


The latest e-book bundle from StoryBundle is curated by Douglas Smith and available to buy today!

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Get eleven DRM-free ebooks full of dark fantasies and horror that include more ends of the world than 2020 could even dream of.

Read about curses and ghosts, about Norse gods on the Canadian prairies and what happens after Ragnarök and the end of the world. Read how life on Earth may end if we don't stop killing our planet. Read twenty-one tales of personal apocalypses (because someone's world is always ending), and stories from a very special and very strange bookstore. Read about post-human biopunk and day-after-tomorrow climate change adventure. Read about the boy who is either a scrawny, bullied, neglected son of insane parents or the imprisoned leader of a death cult dedicated to the goddess of discord.

This bundle contains several titles originally published by ChiZine but now independently published exclusively for the bundle. This bundle is the only place you can buy these former Chizine Publications titles. The bundle also features other titles by former CZP authors, including books 2 and 3 in Chadwick Ginther's critically-acclaimed Thunder Road trilogy.

StoryBundle uses a tiered pay-what-you-want model, and each book comes in both DRM-free ePub (for all devices, except Kindle) and Mobi (for Kindle) formats.

For the minimum of $5, you'll get the basic bundle of four books:

If you pay at least the bonus price of just $15, you get the basic bundle, plus seven more more books, for a total of eleven!

In case you didn't notice that means for $15 you can get eleven books to own, keep, and read on any of your favourite devices!

This bundle is available for a limited time direct from StoryBundle. Grab your fantastic deal today!

The Exclusive Dark Fantasy and SF Bundle from StoryBundle

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